Our Story


Everset was founded on the idea that creativity is the greatest form of expression. Whether it be through words, movement, paint strokes, shutter clicks -- when you find a creative outlet and you feel it fully, you can't help but feel like the truest version of yourself and you can't help but to have fun doing so.

At Everset, we make cute, matching sets for those who value creative expression and enjoy the little things in life. You are the catalyst to your own expression, we're here to make you feel good in your skin and champion you doing so.

(shh, there are words of affirmation hidden in each piece)

Everset pieces take you from day to night and near to far. No matter how little time it might feel like there is in the day sometimes, you'll always find time to fuel your creativity. Everset is for the girls who can do it all.

Everset pieces are made in Los Angeles with 100% lyocell fabric.

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