Tips on Freelancing / Starting a Side Hustle

Tips on Freelancing / Starting a Side Hustle

Are you thinking of starting a side hustle? Maybe you’re looking for some extra money, or perhaps you’re ready to start a business and quit your day job. Freelancing can seem daunting at first, so here are my biggest tips on getting started. 

Tell everyone you know about your services. 

Your network is your net worth. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Speak about what you do with passion, and the clients will follow.

Ruthlessly prioritize your schedule. 

Write down your schedule by the hour each day and make sure to schedule out time blocks in your calendar for deep work. This will make you feel in control and help you win the day. Expect that sometimes you’ll have to say no to other plans to prioritize work.

Set expectations clearly and over communicate with clients. 

When you finally land your first client, share your agreed upon scope of work with as much detail as possible. Always have them sign a contract that includes scope of work and timeline. When fulfilling that scope of work, share your working hours with your client and ask them what hours they prefer to be contacted as well. Update them on your work daily/weekly/monthly - whatever your client prefers and whatever is outlined in your contract. 

Invest in yourself daily.

If you aren’t showing up for yourself, it’s hard to show up for anyone else. Start by prioritizing one thing - physical or mental or both - every single day. Some examples could be taking a course, going to the gym, going to therapy, etc. Having discipline and investing in yourself builds confidence that can be a game changer for your business. 

I started my freelance company 2 years ago and I’ve had the opportunity to work with small businesses, incredible leaders, authors, and coaches.  

It can be tough to get started freelancing, but with dedication, knowledge, and the right mindset, you have everything you need to get going.   

-Sophie Tangel (@sophie_tangel)